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JBL Flip II Speakers -

 The JBL Flip II Speaker (Black Edition) is a portable Bluetooth enabled speaker. It can be bought in stores or online. The FLip II is slightly smaller in size compared to others in its class. Even though it is smaller, the music output in terms of volume and bass is amazing. Music can be played on the speaker by either connecting your phone via Bluetooth or by using and AUX Cable which can be bought for about Rs. 150/- online. It is quite easy to pair your phone via Bluetooth. The range of the speaker isn't great and this is the only slight disadvantage. Like stated before, music quality is great be it outdoors or indoors. Though I have not played music using the AUX Cable, I think that there shouldn't be any problem. The battery life is just above average. JBL's website claims that the speaker will run for about 4 - 5 hours. This is not true. While connecting and playing via Bluetooth, it lasted for about 3 - 3.5 hours only. 3 hours is not bad though. A good thing

Ola Vs Uber - The Ultimate Debate

For sometime, there has been this continuous debate over which taxi operator - Ola or Uber is better. So, I took it upon myself to distinguish between the two, analyse the pros and cons of both the apps, their drivers and customer satisfaction and here is my report: Ola Cabs OlaCabs: Ola Mini (Rs. 80 for 4 kms and thereafter Rs. 10/km) Ola Sedan (Rs. 100 for 4 kms and thereafter Rs. 13/ km) Ola Auto (Meter Rate + Rs10 convenience charge)  Ola Mini offers its customers a small car with a small boot space at a relatively lower price. This car is ideal for 1 - 3 passengers but can hold 4 passengers (excluding the driver). The Ola sedan can more or less comfortably hold 1 - 4 passengers (excluding the driver) at a slightly higher price. The Ola Auto allows customers to book an auto which can hold upto 3 people. The advantages of an Ola Auto is that it allows customers to travel whatever distances that they want without bargaining with the Auto Driver. I, have used this

SHAREit - a Smooth, Super Fast, Hassle Free Way for Wireless Data Transfer

SHAREit is an app that is mainly used to transfer files from a phone to another phone or from a phone to a PC or vice - versa by creating a local hot spot. This app is relatively famous especially among the youth since it helps to transfer games, songs, etc. very quickly. SHAREit, personally is a very useful app. It provides hassle free connection and transfer of data between two devices unlike Bluetooth. SHAREit enables the receiver of the apps/ songs/ pictures and videos  to save a lot of time, since he/ she does not need to go through the whole process of downloading the app/ songs from the net or copying files using a cable (let's be honest, half of the time we can't find a suitable cable). " I transferred 75 MB worth of data in under15seconds! Also like we all know, transferring files, especially large ones like a number of songs or a number of pictures after a vacation, via Bluetooth takes a long time. But, SHAREit copies files in a jiffy. For example, I t

Build A Toilet Project

First of all, let me start by saying that this post is NOT a review. This post is to increase awareness about a group of 4 people who have started a very good project. It is called the 'Build A Toilet Project'. Danger Of Lack Of Toilets: Lack of toilets can lead to many diseases, pollution, garbage, dirty streets etc. To read more about the danger of lack of toilets click here . For this and many more reasons, four students, Aniruddha Das, Anirudh Bakre, Riddhi Bhatt and Sanjana Bakre have started what they call " an initiative by a group of young school kids to help make a better and cleaner India! An independent student volunteer project in partnership with Let’s Do Some Good Foundation".  They are trying to collect funds from people and use it to build toilets in schools. So far, they have visited a few offices (to gather more information) and schools (to see the state of toilets in schools and see if they need to be replaced).  According to me, t

NDTV Mobile App

4.5/5 In a busy world in which most of us live in, it is difficult to even read the news. For that reason most leading newspapers allow you to download their apps to read news on the go wherever you are. One such app is the NDTV (New Delhi television Limited) app. In this review, I will be writing the pros and cons of this app.                                             Pros: Crisp Pictures The easy to use interface makes it very easy to change articles and the subject that you are reading (Cricket, Top News, City News etc.).  Live match scores are instantly updated unlike other newspaper apps likes Times Of India . The NDTV Live Blog is updated instantly even on the application. Excellent, crisp pictures. Cons: In certain articles, multiple pictures are shown at the beginning of the article. Sometimes, after reading the heading, the user might decide that it is not important/ valid news and skip to the next article. When the user swipes their finger across

Lazy Swipe

4/5 stars Lazy Swipe is a program that can be downloaded in Android's Play Store. It is a program that suits lazy people (like me). Lazy Swipe was designed by Woody Developers. 10 million users have downloaded this app and it has got an average of 4.5 stars out of 5. After using this app extensively for over a week, I have come out with a review. What is Lazy Swipe: Lazy swipe is an app in which you can open your favourite or recently opened apps.  Opening Lazy Swipe: After downloading the app and customizing it would be ready to be used. Drag your finger from either the bottom right or bottom left side of your screen to use the app. Review: It is a very good app. I found it really helpful because at times it would take me time to find some particular applications After installing this app, I found it much easier to gain access to  my favourite apps. The  3 main uses of downloading this app are: Opening: Recently opened apps. Favourite Apps. Tool Box. Rec

Android Lollipop (5.0.2) Update

Android Lollipop After a gruelling 2 hours, my OS was updated. I had updated my Moto G 2nd Generation's OS from Android KitKat (Android 4.4.4) to the latest Android Lollipop (Android 5.0.2). After downloading the 350+ MB OS, I couldn't wait to see the new user interface and OS. I had read excellent reviews online since the OS had been released to other parts of the world before it was released in India on 23rd January, 2015. Lock Screen: The minute my phone had switched off and switched on I could clearly see the differences. Since I had left my phone for over 2 hours I had many notifications.The notifications appeared on the lock screen, just like in an iPhone. On the bottom left corner of the screen you can directly go to the dialer by dragging the phone icon and then keying in the password. On the bottom right corner, you can drag the camera icon and directly open your camera. Just like previous versions, photos clicked by the owner of the phone cannot be seen

Reviews, Reviews & More Reviews

Hi, After a gap of over a year, I am going to resume blogging. From now on I will be reviewing applications, OS updates, restaurants and many more things/ places. My first review will be about the new Android OS update (Android L). Stay tuned! Sneak Peak: After a grueling 2 hours, my OS was updated. I had updated my Moto G 2nd Generation's OS from Android KitKat (Android 4.4.4) to the latest Android Lollipop ( Android 5.0.2).