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Showing posts from December, 2010

Climbing Trees

I like to climb trees. I climb some thick trees in my apartment. Now we play games on the tree also. Right now we have invented three games. First one- whoever can reach top of the tree is the winner (Invented by Sanjith Rao). Second- We lock someone in a small jail like thing and then we climb on the tree and get out (Invented by Sanjith Rao). 3rd- We hide on trees and then someone on a cycle has to catch us. (Best Game)(Invented by Sanjna Rao my sister and me) Here is a picture of me climbing a tree:

My New Cycle Horn

I have got a new cycle horn that makes a very loud sound. It scares people on the road and they move. I put it on my cycle because people in my apartment don’t move when cycles come. So I got this idea. People love my horn and everybody touches it. It makes and pom-pom sound. Here is a picture of the horn:  

Visit To Kyra

We went to Kyra on 3 December. Over there we could have our dinner and listen to music. Itwas a rock and the band INDUS CREED was playing that night concert. I liked it a lot. My family friends had come. I talked with them. We played some hand games, drank coco-cola. We got to eat  gobi  manchurian, potatoes and many more things. My friend's father's cousin was the lead singer. After the show was over my family friend's father introduced us to him. Then we got his autograph. Here is a picture of the concert. He is the second person from the left. his name is Uday Benegal. I will soon scann and display his auotograph on screen.