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Photos 1

Hi everyone these are a few photos I took on a rainy day.

New web

Hi everyone. This post is to inform you that I have another website where I upload photos and some news.

Watch Factory

My father and I went to a watch strap making factory. The owner is my father's friend and so it was easy for us to visit the factory. We met him first at his leather strap making factory. You may think making a strap is very easy but there are many processes to make one. The owner showed us how they first take leather pieces, then give it shape. There are no machines to do the shaping so it has to be done by hand. So I thought it was very tough job. In the 2nd  factory we saw how they did metal straps. They get these small small pieces and then join it together by hand. Then they wash it once and make it look clean and shiny. If required depending on the order they gold plate the strap. In the third factory we saw more people making metal straps. We also saw how they do gold plating. First they heat the straps in a big oven at 180 degrees Celsius. Then the man said something complicated that I could not understand. The man also showed us some Diyas that he has to sell to Tanis

IPod touch

My father recently bought our family an IPod touch. You can play music download games and apps. This IPod does not have the feature of calling with a sim card. You can call other people who have iPods or IPhones with face-time chat or any other free chat like skype etc. The IPod has been working well all this time. I hope it continues working like this. Since this blog is about the iPod I have written it and posted it using the IPod.