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Climbing Trees

I like to climb trees. I climb some thick trees in my apartment. Now we play games on the tree also. Right now we have invented three games. First one- whoever can reach top of the tree is the winner (Invented by Sanjith Rao). Second- We lock someone in a small jail like thing and then we climb on the tree and get out (Invented by Sanjith Rao). 3rd- We hide on trees and then someone on a cycle has to catch us. (Best Game)(Invented by Sanjna Rao my sister and me) Here is a picture of me climbing a tree:

My New Cycle Horn

I have got a new cycle horn that makes a very loud sound. It scares people on the road and they move. I put it on my cycle because people in my apartment don’t move when cycles come. So I got this idea. People love my horn and everybody touches it. It makes and pom-pom sound. Here is a picture of the horn:  

Visit To Kyra

We went to Kyra on 3 December. Over there we could have our dinner and listen to music. Itwas a rock and the band INDUS CREED was playing that night concert. I liked it a lot. My family friends had come. I talked with them. We played some hand games, drank coco-cola. We got to eat  gobi  manchurian, potatoes and many more things. My friend's father's cousin was the lead singer. After the show was over my family friend's father introduced us to him. Then we got his autograph. Here is a picture of the concert. He is the second person from the left. his name is Uday Benegal. I will soon scann and display his auotograph on screen.  

My Peculiar Dream

I had a dream last night. In my dream we had gone to Mangalore. In Mangalore, my mother, grandmother and I went out somewhere (I do not know where!!). Then my sister suddenly came on a cycle out of nowhere! Since the road was bumpy my mother told her to go back home by cycle. She went home. Then my grandmother started to drive the car without a licence! Then my mother said if the police asks us for the license my mother would give her licence! (I know that you cannot do that in real life). Then we reached home. Afterwards we were chatting and I said, "Look! our car registration numbers have changed!" All our car registration numbers had changed from Karnataka to Andhra Pradesh. Then on a small cycle came my cousin calling me by my pet name. But actually that was my mother waking me up!!

Sneak Preview

THE KING AND THE ROBBERS Once upon a time there was a kingdom in the middle of India. The king in that kingdom was very intelligent. Two or three times robbers cracked in at night. But he caught them in two or three days! But there was gang of sixty robbers who knew everything about the palace. The leader of these robbers knew it because he had worked as a soldier.After he knew where everything was in the palace he quit being a soldier. (Story to be continued....)

My Story

Here is another story that I wrote: The Treasure Caves Once upon a time there lived a poor young boy named Jack. Jack’s mother and father met with an accident and died, when he was about 4 years old. Jack is 12 years old now and he has forgotten how his parents looked because they were to poor to buy a camera. Now Jack’s aunt is looking after him. When he turned 26 years old, he left and lived by himself. One day Jack thought that he must start earning money. But Jack did not know anything about computers because he never went to school. He thought he must go on treasure hunts. He thought how we go on treasure hunts. He remembered reading in a book that in the forest if you dig the “x” mark you will find only one clue. He went to the forest and dug up the “x” 652 feet deep. He was counting “152” feet “252” feet…. And so on. He found the clue. In the clue paper there were 6 clues and the clues told him that he must go to the golden caves and fight a big enormous snake and then d

My story

I have typed a story. Here you can read my story: The Boy Who Lied And Other Stories. Once upon a time there lived a boy named Arjun. Arjun was not very intelligent. His mother sent him for tuitions. He used to go for Maths, English, Science, Hindi and Kannada tuitions. He did not like studies but loved sports. He sometimes lied and told his friends that if he did a sum wrong in his tuition class he had to stay back and write it 100 times. But this was not true. Everybody used to believe him. He went to school the next day. In school his first period was maths. In maths his teacher taught them multiplication. He was not listening to his teacher. He was busy fiddling with his new ink-pen. His teacher did not know that he was fiddling with his ink-pen. Then, his teacher asked him to do a sum on the board he came near the board and stared at the teacher. The teacher again asked him to do the sum. Then the teacher asked why he did not listen? He told his teacher that she did not explai

Cycling in Bellandur

My father and I went cycling near Bellandur railway station. We took our cycles in the car and then we unloaded the cycles at one point and then we cycled.On the  way, we saw some funny scenes. Here are the pictures:  In this picture, a cow is peeping into a shop and it looks like it wants to buy something!    Someone has tied stones to an electricity wire so that they do not touch each other and produce sparks. Atfer that we were on the railway platform. Since the platform is a small one we took our cycles on the platform. Here is a picture of me on the platform. After we reached the platform the train came. Here is a picture of me standing when the train was coming:                     After the train left we continued cycling. Here are some pictures of me near the railway track:     When we were coming down the railway track we saw a snail. Here is a picture of the snail:    After that we cycled little more and then went home.

Movie Toy Story In 3D

My father, grandmother, sister and I watched Toy Story. You can watch this movie in 3D or in 2D. We watched it in 3D. Once when it showed an ad of Walt Disney it looked like it was right in front of me. I have watched Toy Story 1 & 2 on TV and I liked the movies, so I told my father that Toy Story was a nice movie and we booked our tickets and went. We all liked the movie.

Car Mug

I got myself a mug with a picture and my name on it. Since I love cars. I put a BMW car's picture on it. Click here to see my car album.We went to Garuda Mall and got the mug done. On the license plate and on the car door I got my name Printed. The mug handle is blue in color. Here is picture of the mug: Right side

SRS Club

About the club: In my apartment we run a club. In the club we play many games. The aim of the club is to make new friends. We started this club on 26-February-2009. This is the second year of the club. We play games like running 'n' catching, cycling etc. We named our club "SRS Club" because the captains names are Sanjna, Radhika and Sanjith. Holiday: We have holidays on Saturdays, Sundays and every government holiday. Website: We have a website for everybody to read about our club. To look at our website click here .

Our car Album

When I was small I used to cut out pictures of cars and stick in a scrap book. So now my sister and I made a scrap book with the car's name in it. Sometimes by looking by the car's logo I get to know the car's name.  For example, Cars like Honda City and Swift Dzire look the same. So if I look at the logo, I get to know the car's name. Here you can see the first 2 pages of our scrap book. First page:   Second page:  

My Golf Tournament KGA Open 2010

Before you read this blog you can also read my other two golf blogs. To read about the tournament click here . To read my blog "About Golf" click here . ("About Golf" is a very old post; you may have read it). May 3 was the practice day and rules clinic. May 4 and 5 was the tournament. I played in the golf club "KGA." The full form of "KGA" is "Karnataka Golf Association". My group took our first shot at 9:20a.m. In golf when we take our first shot we call it "teeing off." So from now I will be using this word. On the second day (May 5) I teed off at 8:50a.m. I finished my game at 10:45a.m. For more details click here .

My Golf Tournament BGC Open 2010

 I participated in a golf tournament on  28 and 29 April. On 27 April there was a golf practice day and golf clinic where they told you the rules. I played this tournament in a golf club called  "Bangalore Golf Club".The tournament was called "South Zone Junior Golf."If you want you can log on to their website. To log on click here. They divided us into five categories depending on our age. The five categories were "A","B","C","D" and "E". I was in the "E" category. The people who were in"E" category played 9 holes on both the days. But A to D catogory  played 18 holes on both the days. For more details click here .

My Holiday April 2010

Mysore First we went to Mysore. We halted in Mysore to see my mother’s uncles. We stayed at their place. After a little while my mother and my mother’s uncle left to visit someone. My mother’s aunty, my sister and I stayed back at home. In the house my sister and my mother’s aunt played a game called Rummikub. When they were playing I was doing something on power point on the computer. Afterwards we had dinner.Then I watched little television. After that my father and I slept together. My mother and my sister slept by themselves in another room. The next day my whole family woke up at 05:00a.m. Then at 05:45 a.m we left and reached Puttur at 10:00 am. Puttur is near Mangalore. Puttur In Puttur my cousins were there. Three of my cousins came from U.S.A. And three other cousins came from Bangalore. One of my Bangalore cousin's mother has had a new baby, so I now have another cousin! We played many games in Puttur. We played Police and Robbers. We even played a game with a bow a

Card Train

When I was small my grand farther would make card trains. He use to used my father's old visiting cards to make a train. This card train does not work using electricity. It does not need a train track too. Now I know how to make them. You make it by folding cards so that it looks like this: To make your train you should keep many cards in a line making sure the distance between 2 cards is less than the length of the card. You should do this so that when you push the last card, to start the train it should be close enough to push the card in front. Here is a small video of the train my I made:

My New Bent Cycle Mirror

First read my other blog My New Cycle Mirror then come to this blog One day my father and I wanted to go cycling outside our apartment. If we go cycling we usally go to the outskirts of our city. To get to the outskirts, we put our cycle in our car boot. But when we put my cycle in the car, the mirror was too tall and the cycle did not fit in the car. So we got the rod a little lower and turned the direction of the rod. Now the cycle fits in the car. After cutting the rod I painted the rod!! Here is how the cycle mirror looks.

Praying Mantis

Once a Praying Mantis was lying in my living room. I took it onto my hand and it felt scared for 5 minutes. Then when I did not harm it,it did not feel scared. It crawled all over my body. When it went near my neck it started to itch. I then told my mother to remove it. Then I looked at it. It was doing something with its whiskers. After a little time I put it near my plants. After that I went to tell my mother that I put the Praying Mantis on the plants. By that time it flew away. Here is a picture of a Praying Mantis on my T-Shirt:


We had a party in our house. All my friends came. We played many games like Hide-Seek, Dark Room etc. It was a really fun to play with all my friends. We had dinner at 10:00. After we finished our parents had dinner at 11:00 (at night!!) After that we played till 12:00. At 12:00, 12:05 everybody left. We went to the main- gate to say bye. We then came home after saying bye. My sister and I slept as soon as we went home. My mother and father were doing some cleaning or something. The next morning we all woke up at 9:30!! I am saying this because I never have woken up so late!!


Rummikub is one of my sister's and my most favourite board games. Before you start the game you have to pick 1 tile. Whoever gets the highest number gets to start. The highest number is 13. After you do that you should put back the tile that you picked. After that whoever got the highest number picks up 14 tiles then the next person who got the highest number has to pick and so on. The tiles are small and rectangle in shape. On the tile the numbers are written. There are 4 colours - blue, orange, black and red. The aim of the game is to finish all your coins. In the game there are 2 jokers. If you cannot place anything on the board, you have to pick a coin. (There are more rules in the game). If you get a joker when you start the game you have to put it back and take another tile.

Magic Tricks.

I love magic tricks. Now I know more than 8 magics tricks. My father bought me a magic kit. In the kit there is a CD-ROM that shows you how to do magic tricks. On my father 's birthday my sister and I performed a magic show. In the magic show my sister and I showed him the magics we learnt. When I was small I would think magic tricks were real. I thought that spells like abra ca dabra were real too. About 2 years ago I learnt that magic was not real. Here is a small video which will show you a magic trick that I learnt. It is called "The Sponge Ball Magic". In this magic my sister is the magician and my mother was the spectator.

My New Cycle Mirror

I have a new cycle mirror. I used to have another one, but sadly I could not see anything that was behind me. So this is what I did. I went to a welding shop, the man welded a big rod onto the cycle handle. After that he took the mirror and welded the mirror onto the rod. Now I can see very well. I can even see cars on the road. I got this mirror fixed because I love cycling. One day I cycled 15 kilometers! Here is a picture of the rod on my cycle.

My New Toy

My friend gave me a new toy. It is a cat that looks like it can flap its wings. It has a solar-panel attached to it. The solar panel converts the solar energy into electricity. Using this method it looks like it can flap its wing. Here is a small video how it is flapping its wings. If you can hear there is a noise that it makes. The sound sounds like a clock. If you keep it in the sun for 5 minutes it can make its wings fly only for 2 minutes! I am going to try to keep it for more than an hour and see how much time it can survive without the sunlight.

Klaps and Flaps

My sister and I invented a game called Klaps and Flaps. It is a mix of Chess and Checkers. We got the idea when we were trying to learn the game Checkers. You play the game on a Chess board. You can even use a Checkers board. We were trying to learn to play Checkers but we did not understand. So we made our own game that is like checkers you even place it how they do it in Checkers. In the game you have 4 Klaps (they are like your kings)and 8 Flaps (like your pawns)(in Chess). You need 16 Checker coins to play this game. There are 16 coins because on the Klaps you place two coins to identify. The game is to kill your opponents coins. That does not mean if they kill your Klaps your dead. Only if you kill all the coins of your opponents, that means your dead.


Electronics is one of the things that I like a lot. I like motors and computers. You might like to know that I have created a website. All by myself. (To see it go to My father had 2 old cellphone chargers. With that my father made a bulb. I connected my motor to the bulb. And it worked! Now you can see how much I actually like electronics. My mother is looking for some websites that tells how to make electronic stuff.

3 Idiots Movie

My family and I watched the movie 3 Idiots. Even if the word "Idiots" is there in the title of the movie, it was a very nice movie. It is very funny and a little scary. Scary because one college boy jumped out of the window and needed to be admitted to the hospital. You may think it is not scary. But I do not like all this violence and jumping out of a window. You can watch the movie. Almost everyone I know has watched the movie. I watched it on 31 December 2009. That was one of my greatest day and year! When I got back home from the movie and put my foot into my house it was 00:00. In my house I have a big ding-dong clock that rings every half a hour. That is how I got to know it was midnight.

Movie My Name Is Khan

My family and I watched the movie My Name Is Khan. My family and I did not like the movie one bit. I ate popcorn and I drank coco cola. My father also drank coca cola from my glass. Whenever I buy something like this my father asks me to give him a little and calls it his "tax". We went to watch the movie because one of my friends in school told me that it is very nice. My sister's classmate also said the same thing. But it was very boring.

Morrit Farms

My family and I went on a holiday to Kolar Gold fields. We stayed in a resort(farm) called Morritt Farms. We stayed there for 2 days. Over there we played cricket. We also went on a bullock cart ride. On the ride we kept on getting off the bullock cart and run in front and take pictures of the bullocks. We even saw deer. My father's friend also came with us. He is a German and he gifted us a card game. My father's friend was teaching my father mother and my sister how to play because the instructions were in German. The game they played was called Great Dal Muti (translated from German to english). That night there was a campfire. The fire was very big in the beginning. After about 45 minutes the wood was all burnt. We left for home early next day. We enjoyed our trip a lot.


Hello, I am Sanjith. I am in 2nd standard. I went on a picnic to Sun Valley Resort and Science Park, on 3rd February. We went by bus. We left at around 8:30 am. We first went to Sun Valley Resort,and had our breakfast. Then we went to the Science park. Over there an uncle told us about the "pitcher plant". Then we came back to Sun Valley Resort and had our lunch. Then we played in Sun Valley Resort. There was a "Green colour closed curvy curvy" slide. We played on the slide. It was a lot of fun. Then we played another game called "crossing the river". Then at around 3 'o clock the people at the resort distributed prizes to the winners of the games that were conducted. At around 3:15 pm they gave us ice-cream! We left at around 3:30pm. We reached school at 5:30 pm.

My New Mike

I have a mike. I play with it. I got it for my birthday. Mikes are used in programmes usually. So I thought it will be fun to play with it. So I bought one. This is how my mike set looks. If you can see in the picture there is an amplifier. I had another amplfier, but that one sadly got burnt. So I thought I could never be able to use a mike again. But then my father told me that we could also use a music system's amplifier. So then I was very happy. We had a music system that did not work. But its amplifier was still working. So I gave the amplifier to an electric shop. The shop owner fixed a few parts and it is working now.

About Golf

Hello, I am Sanjith Rao. I play golf. Golf is my favourite game. I play golf in Bangalore. My sister and I have a our own golf set. The golf set has ten clubs. I have a student membership at Karnataka Golf Association. My current handicap in another golf club (Bangalore Golf Club) is 32. In February I will be getting my handicap at Karnataka Golf Association. To get your handicap you have to to play on the course and note down in a card the number of balls that we hit for each hole. After you finish the game you should drop the card in a box. In a month you should put atleast five cards. Then you have to wait for the handicap to be displayed on the board. But if you want know your handicap before it comes on the board you should calculate how many shots you hit totally and then subtract 100 from the number of shots you hit and that is your handicap. When I was small I use to call golf glof!! So now we all ask "Do you want to go for glof"!!