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Cycling in Bellandur

My father and I went cycling near Bellandur railway station. We took our cycles in the car and then we unloaded the cycles at one point and then we cycled.On the  way, we saw some funny scenes. Here are the pictures:  In this picture, a cow is peeping into a shop and it looks like it wants to buy something!    Someone has tied stones to an electricity wire so that they do not touch each other and produce sparks. Atfer that we were on the railway platform. Since the platform is a small one we took our cycles on the platform. Here is a picture of me on the platform. After we reached the platform the train came. Here is a picture of me standing when the train was coming:                     After the train left we continued cycling. Here are some pictures of me near the railway track:     When we were coming down the railway track we saw a snail. Here is a picture of the snail:    After that we cycled little more and then went home.

Movie Toy Story In 3D

My father, grandmother, sister and I watched Toy Story. You can watch this movie in 3D or in 2D. We watched it in 3D. Once when it showed an ad of Walt Disney it looked like it was right in front of me. I have watched Toy Story 1 & 2 on TV and I liked the movies, so I told my father that Toy Story was a nice movie and we booked our tickets and went. We all liked the movie.