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Morning Pictures

On 29/1/12 (Sunday) in the morning I went cycling around my apartment. I took some pictures of plants. The pictures are shown below. The plants look very fresh in the morning. That is why I took the pictures.      

My Birthday

On the 20th of January I celebrated my birthday with 8 of my friends. We watched 2 movies- Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 1  and Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 2. I had watched both the movies before, but my friends had not. We started the party at 5:30 p.m. We first cut the cake and then started watching movies.While we were watching the movie we ate cake, popcorn and drank Coco-Cola. At around 6:45 p.m we had our dinner. For dinner we had Pav Bhaaji and Potato Wedges. Everyone enjoyed watching the movies. Before we started the second movie I opened the gits I received. I mostly got books, some of them gave me board games, bags and gift vouchers. One boy gave me a cricket bat. That was my most favourite gift. Then we watched the second movie. After that I gave everyone their return gifts. The return gift included-  A note-book A pen A tennis ball

The Five Find Outers

The book "Five Find Outers is about five children and a dog who solve mysteries. The main characters are: Frderick (Child Detective) Larry (Child Detective) Daisy (Child Detective) Philip (Child Detective) Bets (Child Detective) Buster (dog) Goon (Village policeman) Jenks (Superintendent) Federick is also known as Fatty. About The Book Fatty studies in a boarding school. His lives in Peterswood, where Larry, Daisy, Philip and Bets live. Whenever Fatty comes on a holiday a mystery pops up. The village policeman hates the children and the children hate him too. Whenever he sees them he says "clear orf!" Fatty is very intelligent at solving mysteries. The first mystery he solved is "The Mystery Of The Burnt Cottage" and the last mystery he solved is " The Mystery at Banshee Towers". In some mysteries Fatty goes interviewing people. So that they do not get to know who he is he disguises himself. He is very good at disguising himself. Sometimes

Jade Gardens

On the 12 of January the third and fourth standard children went on a picnic. We went to a place called Jade Gardens which is located in Devanahalli. We had loads of fun over there. We left from our school at 8:00 am, we reached there at about 10:20 am. As soon as we got there we left our bags in a corner. Then we had a light breakfast. Afterwards we went to an area where we could play games. Some of the fourth standards played cricket and other played different sports like Tennis, Badminton, Foot-Ball, Running and catching etc. After a while we played party games like Passing-The-Parcel, Bombing the city and Dance and statue. Then we continued playing whatever games we wanted. Some people also played in the park. Then we had lunch. For lunch they served Poori, Noodles and Gobi Manchurian. After we ate, we continued playing. Then we had snacks. There was cake and Ice Cream for snacks. After snacks we had a prize distribution for the people who won games. At around 3:00 pm we left fro