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Potato Grows Really Fast!! Weeek 3

The potato has grown a lot this week. This is the picture that was taken on 10 December 2011 (Saturday) Saturday 3  Other links: Week 2 Week 1 7 days of the potato plant ( 1 blog post)

Second person in history of ODI cricket

On 8/12/11 Virender Sehwag was the second cricketer in history to score a double hundred. On 8/12/11 Virender Sehwag beat Sachin Tendulkar's highest score (200 not out) in ODI ( 50 over match). Virender Sehwag beat Sachin Tendulkar's score by 19 runs. Sehwag got dismissed at the score of 219. His double century included 25 boundaries and 7 sixes. Gautam Gambhir and Virender Sehwag started off really well. Later Gautam Gambhir got out for his score of 67. Gautam Gambhir and Virender Sehwag made a partnership of 170 approximately.                                                                Virendar Sehwag

The Potato Grows Really Fast Week 2

This picture shows the progress of the plant in week 2: The Potato Grows Really Fast (Sneak Preview) Watching The Potato Grow 

Potato Plants Grow Really Fast (Sneak Preview)

You have read my blog post named  "Watching the potato grow". Now in this blog post I am going to show you how much it grows every week. In a week since I last blogged about the potato plant it has grown a lot.It takes 3-4 months before we can harvest the potatoes. I will post a picture of the growing plant every week.  First Week 

A Visit To Hundred Hands

On 24 of November my class went to hundred hands, a place where you can buy handmade things. There were 2 groups who went. One group did hand painting, the other group made something with clay. I was in the second group, so I could do anything with clay. I made an auto-rickshaw. My auto-rickshaw had wheels that I had taken, a head light, two seats and a roof. We got half an hour to do all this. We had a lot of fun there. 

New hit song

This a hit song that I love. Its name is Why This Kolaveri Di?

Watching the potato grow

A week ago I planted a potato plant. In a week it has grown a lot. I took a picture of the plant every day for a week. You can see the pictures below.    Day 1  Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7

A beautiful scenery in the morning

Yesterday (15/11/11) in the morning there was a nice scenery of the sun reflecting on some houses. Since I like photography I took a few photos-

Micro Light

What we did On the 6th of November 2011 my family friends and my family went on a Micro Light plane ride. The plane was a two seater. All of us got a chance to ride on it. When we were in the air we were allowed to steer the plane. Then we could align the plane to the runway. When my mother went in the plane the pilot decided to scare us by flying over our heads and our car!! When the oldest one in our group went there was so much wind that the plane went in another direction! It was a nice and wonderful. About the plane  The plane is manufactured in Bangalore. Only the engine is imported from Australia. The plane weighs about 200 kgs without people inside. The plane can carry on 200 kgs of additional weight. We took off at 65- 75 kms/h. When we were in the air we were at a speed of 80- 90 kms/h. The plane flew at 600 feet. It can go only up to 1000 feet. About Jakkur Airfield (Where we took off). Airport Type: Public Location: Bangalore Length of the runway: ft

'Young & blogging it!

Photos 1

Hi everyone these are a few photos I took on a rainy day.

New web

Hi everyone. This post is to inform you that I have another website where I upload photos and some news.

Watch Factory

My father and I went to a watch strap making factory. The owner is my father's friend and so it was easy for us to visit the factory. We met him first at his leather strap making factory. You may think making a strap is very easy but there are many processes to make one. The owner showed us how they first take leather pieces, then give it shape. There are no machines to do the shaping so it has to be done by hand. So I thought it was very tough job. In the 2nd  factory we saw how they did metal straps. They get these small small pieces and then join it together by hand. Then they wash it once and make it look clean and shiny. If required depending on the order they gold plate the strap. In the third factory we saw more people making metal straps. We also saw how they do gold plating. First they heat the straps in a big oven at 180 degrees Celsius. Then the man said something complicated that I could not understand. The man also showed us some Diyas that he has to sell to Tanis

IPod touch

My father recently bought our family an IPod touch. You can play music download games and apps. This IPod does not have the feature of calling with a sim card. You can call other people who have iPods or IPhones with face-time chat or any other free chat like skype etc. The IPod has been working well all this time. I hope it continues working like this. Since this blog is about the iPod I have written it and posted it using the IPod.

Wizard101 Update

As you all know I have written another post on Wizard101 . This post is an update on Wizard101. Update no. 1-  Right now I am in level 13. In level 12 I learnt gardening. Your plants give you different gifts. Eg. Treasure cards, reagents, gold and many more things. Update no. 2- I have 2 new missions. I can do only half of the 2 missions because the other half requires crowns. After I cross 2 more levels I can buy a castle.

Word Searches

Do you like word searches? If you do, you can download free word searches that I have made. Visit Leave your comments/ suggestions on this blog. I have made only one right now. Later you can download more.

Nandi Hills 25th September 2011

On 25th September my cousin's family and my family went to Nandi Hills for trekking. I did not expect it to be so easy to climb. There were steps that you could climb on. We started climbing at 8.00a.m. On the way every 15 to 20 minutes we took a break. There were tall trees almost all the way till the top so we got good shade while climbing. We took 1 hour and 40 minutes to climb up. We ate sandwiches, biscuits and chips along the way and at the top of the hill. There were monkeys on the top so we had to be careful while eating. We had got some rope, my uncle and father held both the ends of the rope and were acting like they were lashing the monkeys to scare them away.   After we finished we met another family at the top, who were also supposed to climb with us but were a bit late to start. We stopped and talked with them for a while in a restaraunt then all of us climbed down together. While we were on the way back, we found a tree where we threw our rope over a branch and mad

How I Spent My Dasara Vacation (Sneak Preview)

Day 1 (24th September) I woke up at 8.00a.m. I quickly got ready and then had breakfast at 9.00a.m. I quickly had a bath and then played on the computer for 15 minutes. Then at 10.30a.m I went to play cricket. I came back home at 1.00 p.m. and had lunch.After finishing lunch I made a few word-searches on the computer. TO BE CONTINUED

Wizard 101

Wizard101 is a free game you can play. Wizard101 is created by the company KingsIsle. In Wizard101 you have quests to accomplish. In some quests you have to fight monsters. By fighting monsters you sometimes get things like pet snacks, robes to wear, hats to wear etc. In Wizard101 you have 2 types of spell cards, they are- Treasure cards and Trained cards. Once you use a treasure card you loose it. The advantage of using a treasure card is that it gives more damage on the monster you are trying to kill. Trained cards give less damage but you have them forever. You also have spell decks in which you have to keep your spells in. There are different spell decks. By default your wizard will have the starter's deck. After you pass levels you can buy different decks. I am right now in level 10 and I have 3 Decks, they are- Starter's Deck Pinewood Deck Novice's Life Deck The Starter's Deck can store only 12 cards. The Pinewood Deck can store 16 cards. The Novice's Life

2011 Ooty Golf Championship Open

We had gone to Mangalore to visit my mother's relatives. We stayed there for 2 days. Then we left to Ooty for my Ooty Tournament. Here is what we did: Day 1 It was a long drive from Mangalore to Ooty, it is 360 Kms. We left at 5:30 a.m from Mangalore and reached our homestay at 4:00 p.m. I explored the house and then started to read my book. Here are a few pictures we had taken on the way to Ooty:  A tree with no leaves  The Beautiful Sky  After a while we went to a super market to buy a few things. Then we went to a leather shop. Over there I bought a leather belt. Then we  went to Dominos Pizza to have dinner. After that we headed back to our homestay. Day 2 (Practise Round and much more) I woke up at 7:15 a.m. I got ready fast and then had my breakfast. After that my sister, father and I left to the golf course for the practise round. When we reached there we first registered for the tournament and then started to play. My father came with my sister and me o

After 28 Years

Finally India has won its second ICC World Cup title after a long gap of 28 years. India defeated Sri Lanka in the finals by 6 wickets. India had exactly 12 balls (2 overs) and had to make 4 runs.I was very happy and I could not believe India won the ICC World Cup. India won in 1983 when the team was captained by Kapil Dev. This year the team was captained by M.S Dhoni.  Here is the picture of the trophy:

ICC Cricket World Cup

I want India to win the ICC World cup this time. I have been following a little bit of every match that India has played. So far India has won/tied every match. I hope India wins toady's match- India Vs South Africa. Here is the theme song of the ICC Cricket World Cup Opening Ceremony:


I love doing things on the computer. I love playing games, surfing the net etc. I also like programming. So I learnt the basics of programming.  I wanted to learn the basics of programming so that, when I grow up I will be able to write my own programs. I think in another 2 or 3 years I will know everything about programming and I will be able to write my own programs.

Train Simulator

Train Simulator is a computer game where you can drive real trains. There are many missions in Train Simulator in which you take passengers from one place to another. All the missions in train simulator are easy to understand and you can pass all the missions without any difficulty. One mission called "summer holidays"takes two hours to complete. If you cannot play for two hours you can save the mission and play it the next day. To read another blog on a simulator click here .

Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator is a computer game which I like a lot. In Flight Simulator you have to pilot a real aeroplane using a joystick or the keyboard. Trying to control an aeroplane on Flight Simulator, using your keyboard is very difficult. I control my aeroplanes using a joystick. On Flight Simulator you start with open propeller aeroplanes and then move onto Jet Planes.I like Flight Simulator because I love piloting aeroplanes.

Cake Models

My sister taught me how to make cake models. It is very easy. If you want to learn how to make it continue reading my blog. Materials required: 1/4 mug water Powder 2 Bowls cloth clay Kumkum    Newspaper Powder Make the clay any shape you want. (remember that is going to be the shape of your cake). Make it flat at the bottom so that it can stand well. Take the kumkum and powder and mix well. Make sure it is not too thick or not too watery. Spread the mixture on the cake and design the cake however you want. You can experiment by using different things to change the colours.

What I did on my 1 day holiday

On 16 of February 2011 there was a holiday, since it was the festival of "Id". I played with my sister and her friends. We played badminton first. After that we got found a few seeds and put them in a pot that was abandoned. We also put leaves. Then we put a lot of water into the pot and then mixed it. While we had gone to the jogging track my friend stayed back. Once we came back my friend told me that while we had gone a cat had come smashed the pot and ran away.

Club Penguin

Who likes playing computer games? If you do play this awesome game called Club Penguin. What You Can Do On Club Penguin You can play many games and earn coins. Buy things at the gift shop. It is very safe to play on club penguin. If you have any friends on club penguin, you can meet them online. You do not have to give your real name. You have to give a penguin name. Eg. my name on club penguin is "Desipen". Link Click here to visit their website.

My Golf Tournament Thiruvananthapuram 2010 Open

I had gone to Thiruvananthapuram for a golf tournament - the South Zone Junior Golf. Visit their website: . This is the first time I am playing a tournament out of Bangalore. We went by bus to Thiruvananthapuram. It was a 14 hour journey. For my other tournament blogs click here or here. Day 1 (When we reached Thiruvananthapuram) (Friday, 17th December 2010): We got out of the bus and took all our luggage. Then we looked for an auto-rickshaw. We found an auto-rickshaw. Then we came and checked in to the tennis club of Thiruvananthapuram. Then my father and I got ready to eat our breakfast. Then we went to have our breakfast. For breakfast we had omelette, bread and coffee. Then we went back to our room and got my golf bag and headed towards the golf club. We went by auto-rickshaw to the golf club. Over there we first met the captain of the club. Then we registered for the tournament. Then I played 9 holes with one of my friends who had come from Bangal