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My New Mike

I have a mike. I play with it. I got it for my birthday. Mikes are used in programmes usually. So I thought it will be fun to play with it. So I bought one. This is how my mike set looks. If you can see in the picture there is an amplifier. I had another amplfier, but that one sadly got burnt. So I thought I could never be able to use a mike again. But then my father told me that we could also use a music system's amplifier. So then I was very happy. We had a music system that did not work. But its amplifier was still working. So I gave the amplifier to an electric shop. The shop owner fixed a few parts and it is working now.

About Golf

Hello, I am Sanjith Rao. I play golf. Golf is my favourite game. I play golf in Bangalore. My sister and I have a our own golf set. The golf set has ten clubs. I have a student membership at Karnataka Golf Association. My current handicap in another golf club (Bangalore Golf Club) is 32. In February I will be getting my handicap at Karnataka Golf Association. To get your handicap you have to to play on the course and note down in a card the number of balls that we hit for each hole. After you finish the game you should drop the card in a box. In a month you should put atleast five cards. Then you have to wait for the handicap to be displayed on the board. But if you want know your handicap before it comes on the board you should calculate how many shots you hit totally and then subtract 100 from the number of shots you hit and that is your handicap. When I was small I use to call golf glof!! So now we all ask "Do you want to go for glof"!!