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Morrit Farms

My family and I went on a holiday to Kolar Gold fields. We stayed in a resort(farm) called Morritt Farms. We stayed there for 2 days. Over there we played cricket. We also went on a bullock cart ride. On the ride we kept on getting off the bullock cart and run in front and take pictures of the bullocks. We even saw deer. My father's friend also came with us. He is a German and he gifted us a card game. My father's friend was teaching my father mother and my sister how to play because the instructions were in German. The game they played was called Great Dal Muti (translated from German to english). That night there was a campfire. The fire was very big in the beginning. After about 45 minutes the wood was all burnt. We left for home early next day. We enjoyed our trip a lot.


Hello, I am Sanjith. I am in 2nd standard. I went on a picnic to Sun Valley Resort and Science Park, on 3rd February. We went by bus. We left at around 8:30 am. We first went to Sun Valley Resort,and had our breakfast. Then we went to the Science park. Over there an uncle told us about the "pitcher plant". Then we came back to Sun Valley Resort and had our lunch. Then we played in Sun Valley Resort. There was a "Green colour closed curvy curvy" slide. We played on the slide. It was a lot of fun. Then we played another game called "crossing the river". Then at around 3 'o clock the people at the resort distributed prizes to the winners of the games that were conducted. At around 3:15 pm they gave us ice-cream! We left at around 3:30pm. We reached school at 5:30 pm.