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Toll Tickets

Well, almost all of us have gone on atleast one long distance journey during which we have stopped at a toll gate and paid. All we do is stop, pay, go. I can assure you that 99% of you would not have actually studied a toll ticket. So here I have. As you would have read from my previous blog post , I went to Chitradurga. During that visit, I collected toll tickets. At the top of the ticket usually there is the name of the company followed by the serial number, date and time, lane number etc. On every ticket there is also something called an operator ID. On the way to Chitradurga The IRB TCBOT Tollways Pvt. Ltd. company's operator IDs are made of numbers. But the company called NBTL has a few letters as well as a few numbers in the operator ID. This is a difference that I observed. One more thing that I noticed was that, both these companies wished you either a 'Happy Journey'or a 'Safe Journey'. The ticket also tells you your registration number. I have noti

A Visit To Chitradurga

Chitradurga Fort is located in the city of Chitradurga in Karnataka .  It is about 200 km from Bangalore and 200 km from Hubli too. It is accessible from most cities and small towns by buses and trains. You can also come here by car. Its website is At Chitradurga Fort Entrance Clouds Kissing The Hill In Chitradurga there are many points of interest. Its main point of interest is called the Chitradurga Fort. The  fort was built in the 17 th century by the chieftain of the area which was under the Vijaynagar Empire . Further into the fort the sights are breathtaking. I could see clouds kissing the hillocks. The fort was a city in the olden day. It’s surrounded by a 32 km moat which cannot be seen everywhere today. An interesting fact about this fort is that a lot of importance is given to it, though it was just built by a local chieftain. The fort is mostly made of stone so it is advisable to go early in the morning before the scor

My Favourite Restaurant- Habanero- Review

In Bangalore there are a variety of restaurants. From all the Leela Palace Restaurants to the Shanti Sagar Restaurants. So a Banglorean like me has a difficult time choosing his/her favourite restaurant. But I do have one favourite one............ The restaurant's name is Habanero. Although it has a 'H' in its spelling its pronounced Abanero. It is located in 12th Main Indiranagar and Park Square Mall, Whitefield.  The restaurant is hard to miss as it has a large board saying "Habanero"( I am talking about the one in Indiranagar). It is opposite I and Monkey which is a cricketer's house converted into a restaurant. Habanero is a Mexican (Tex-Mex) Restaurant. Its ambience is very nice. It is full of life as there is a live band. The food is also very nice. Me being a vegetarian eats a starter called Macho Nachos. I love this.For main course I eat a vegetable Burger with fries. To go along with all this I drink Coke. If you like Mexican food I suggest you