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Cake Models

My sister taught me how to make cake models. It is very easy. If you want to learn how to make it continue reading my blog. Materials required: 1/4 mug water Powder 2 Bowls cloth clay Kumkum    Newspaper Powder Make the clay any shape you want. (remember that is going to be the shape of your cake). Make it flat at the bottom so that it can stand well. Take the kumkum and powder and mix well. Make sure it is not too thick or not too watery. Spread the mixture on the cake and design the cake however you want. You can experiment by using different things to change the colours.

What I did on my 1 day holiday

On 16 of February 2011 there was a holiday, since it was the festival of "Id". I played with my sister and her friends. We played badminton first. After that we got found a few seeds and put them in a pot that was abandoned. We also put leaves. Then we put a lot of water into the pot and then mixed it. While we had gone to the jogging track my friend stayed back. Once we came back my friend told me that while we had gone a cat had come smashed the pot and ran away.

Club Penguin

Who likes playing computer games? If you do play this awesome game called Club Penguin. What You Can Do On Club Penguin You can play many games and earn coins. Buy things at the gift shop. It is very safe to play on club penguin. If you have any friends on club penguin, you can meet them online. You do not have to give your real name. You have to give a penguin name. Eg. my name on club penguin is "Desipen". Link Click here to visit their website.