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Rummikub is one of my sister's and my most favourite board games. Before you start the game you have to pick 1 tile. Whoever gets the highest number gets to start. The highest number is 13. After you do that you should put back the tile that you picked. After that whoever got the highest number picks up 14 tiles then the next person who got the highest number has to pick and so on. The tiles are small and rectangle in shape. On the tile the numbers are written. There are 4 colours - blue, orange, black and red. The aim of the game is to finish all your coins. In the game there are 2 jokers. If you cannot place anything on the board, you have to pick a coin. (There are more rules in the game). If you get a joker when you start the game you have to put it back and take another tile.

Magic Tricks.

I love magic tricks. Now I know more than 8 magics tricks. My father bought me a magic kit. In the kit there is a CD-ROM that shows you how to do magic tricks. On my father 's birthday my sister and I performed a magic show. In the magic show my sister and I showed him the magics we learnt. When I was small I would think magic tricks were real. I thought that spells like abra ca dabra were real too. About 2 years ago I learnt that magic was not real. Here is a small video which will show you a magic trick that I learnt. It is called "The Sponge Ball Magic". In this magic my sister is the magician and my mother was the spectator.

My New Cycle Mirror

I have a new cycle mirror. I used to have another one, but sadly I could not see anything that was behind me. So this is what I did. I went to a welding shop, the man welded a big rod onto the cycle handle. After that he took the mirror and welded the mirror onto the rod. Now I can see very well. I can even see cars on the road. I got this mirror fixed because I love cycling. One day I cycled 15 kilometers! Here is a picture of the rod on my cycle.

My New Toy

My friend gave me a new toy. It is a cat that looks like it can flap its wings. It has a solar-panel attached to it. The solar panel converts the solar energy into electricity. Using this method it looks like it can flap its wing. Here is a small video how it is flapping its wings. If you can hear there is a noise that it makes. The sound sounds like a clock. If you keep it in the sun for 5 minutes it can make its wings fly only for 2 minutes! I am going to try to keep it for more than an hour and see how much time it can survive without the sunlight.

Klaps and Flaps

My sister and I invented a game called Klaps and Flaps. It is a mix of Chess and Checkers. We got the idea when we were trying to learn the game Checkers. You play the game on a Chess board. You can even use a Checkers board. We were trying to learn to play Checkers but we did not understand. So we made our own game that is like checkers you even place it how they do it in Checkers. In the game you have 4 Klaps (they are like your kings)and 8 Flaps (like your pawns)(in Chess). You need 16 Checker coins to play this game. There are 16 coins because on the Klaps you place two coins to identify. The game is to kill your opponents coins. That does not mean if they kill your Klaps your dead. Only if you kill all the coins of your opponents, that means your dead.


Electronics is one of the things that I like a lot. I like motors and computers. You might like to know that I have created a website. All by myself. (To see it go to My father had 2 old cellphone chargers. With that my father made a bulb. I connected my motor to the bulb. And it worked! Now you can see how much I actually like electronics. My mother is looking for some websites that tells how to make electronic stuff.

3 Idiots Movie

My family and I watched the movie 3 Idiots. Even if the word "Idiots" is there in the title of the movie, it was a very nice movie. It is very funny and a little scary. Scary because one college boy jumped out of the window and needed to be admitted to the hospital. You may think it is not scary. But I do not like all this violence and jumping out of a window. You can watch the movie. Almost everyone I know has watched the movie. I watched it on 31 December 2009. That was one of my greatest day and year! When I got back home from the movie and put my foot into my house it was 00:00. In my house I have a big ding-dong clock that rings every half a hour. That is how I got to know it was midnight.

Movie My Name Is Khan

My family and I watched the movie My Name Is Khan. My family and I did not like the movie one bit. I ate popcorn and I drank coco cola. My father also drank coca cola from my glass. Whenever I buy something like this my father asks me to give him a little and calls it his "tax". We went to watch the movie because one of my friends in school told me that it is very nice. My sister's classmate also said the same thing. But it was very boring.