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My Golf Tournament BGC Open 2010

 I participated in a golf tournament on  28 and 29 April. On 27 April there was a golf practice day and golf clinic where they told you the rules. I played this tournament in a golf club called  "Bangalore Golf Club".The tournament was called "South Zone Junior Golf."If you want you can log on to their website. To log on click here. They divided us into five categories depending on our age. The five categories were "A","B","C","D" and "E". I was in the "E" category. The people who were in"E" category played 9 holes on both the days. But A to D catogory  played 18 holes on both the days. For more details click here .

My Holiday April 2010

Mysore First we went to Mysore. We halted in Mysore to see my mother’s uncles. We stayed at their place. After a little while my mother and my mother’s uncle left to visit someone. My mother’s aunty, my sister and I stayed back at home. In the house my sister and my mother’s aunt played a game called Rummikub. When they were playing I was doing something on power point on the computer. Afterwards we had dinner.Then I watched little television. After that my father and I slept together. My mother and my sister slept by themselves in another room. The next day my whole family woke up at 05:00a.m. Then at 05:45 a.m we left and reached Puttur at 10:00 am. Puttur is near Mangalore. Puttur In Puttur my cousins were there. Three of my cousins came from U.S.A. And three other cousins came from Bangalore. One of my Bangalore cousin's mother has had a new baby, so I now have another cousin! We played many games in Puttur. We played Police and Robbers. We even played a game with a bow a

Card Train

When I was small my grand farther would make card trains. He use to used my father's old visiting cards to make a train. This card train does not work using electricity. It does not need a train track too. Now I know how to make them. You make it by folding cards so that it looks like this: To make your train you should keep many cards in a line making sure the distance between 2 cards is less than the length of the card. You should do this so that when you push the last card, to start the train it should be close enough to push the card in front. Here is a small video of the train my I made:

My New Bent Cycle Mirror

First read my other blog My New Cycle Mirror then come to this blog One day my father and I wanted to go cycling outside our apartment. If we go cycling we usally go to the outskirts of our city. To get to the outskirts, we put our cycle in our car boot. But when we put my cycle in the car, the mirror was too tall and the cycle did not fit in the car. So we got the rod a little lower and turned the direction of the rod. Now the cycle fits in the car. After cutting the rod I painted the rod!! Here is how the cycle mirror looks.

Praying Mantis

Once a Praying Mantis was lying in my living room. I took it onto my hand and it felt scared for 5 minutes. Then when I did not harm it,it did not feel scared. It crawled all over my body. When it went near my neck it started to itch. I then told my mother to remove it. Then I looked at it. It was doing something with its whiskers. After a little time I put it near my plants. After that I went to tell my mother that I put the Praying Mantis on the plants. By that time it flew away. Here is a picture of a Praying Mantis on my T-Shirt:


We had a party in our house. All my friends came. We played many games like Hide-Seek, Dark Room etc. It was a really fun to play with all my friends. We had dinner at 10:00. After we finished our parents had dinner at 11:00 (at night!!) After that we played till 12:00. At 12:00, 12:05 everybody left. We went to the main- gate to say bye. We then came home after saying bye. My sister and I slept as soon as we went home. My mother and father were doing some cleaning or something. The next morning we all woke up at 9:30!! I am saying this because I never have woken up so late!!