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Potato Plants Grow Really Fast (Sneak Preview)

You have read my blog post named  "Watching the potato grow". Now in this blog post I am going to show you how much it grows every week. In a week since I last blogged about the potato plant it has grown a lot.It takes 3-4 months before we can harvest the potatoes. I will post a picture of the growing plant every week.  First Week 

A Visit To Hundred Hands

On 24 of November my class went to hundred hands, a place where you can buy handmade things. There were 2 groups who went. One group did hand painting, the other group made something with clay. I was in the second group, so I could do anything with clay. I made an auto-rickshaw. My auto-rickshaw had wheels that I had taken, a head light, two seats and a roof. We got half an hour to do all this. We had a lot of fun there. 

New hit song

This a hit song that I love. Its name is Why This Kolaveri Di?

Watching the potato grow

A week ago I planted a potato plant. In a week it has grown a lot. I took a picture of the plant every day for a week. You can see the pictures below.    Day 1  Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7

A beautiful scenery in the morning

Yesterday (15/11/11) in the morning there was a nice scenery of the sun reflecting on some houses. Since I like photography I took a few photos-

Micro Light

What we did On the 6th of November 2011 my family friends and my family went on a Micro Light plane ride. The plane was a two seater. All of us got a chance to ride on it. When we were in the air we were allowed to steer the plane. Then we could align the plane to the runway. When my mother went in the plane the pilot decided to scare us by flying over our heads and our car!! When the oldest one in our group went there was so much wind that the plane went in another direction! It was a nice and wonderful. About the plane  The plane is manufactured in Bangalore. Only the engine is imported from Australia. The plane weighs about 200 kgs without people inside. The plane can carry on 200 kgs of additional weight. We took off at 65- 75 kms/h. When we were in the air we were at a speed of 80- 90 kms/h. The plane flew at 600 feet. It can go only up to 1000 feet. About Jakkur Airfield (Where we took off). Airport Type: Public Location: Bangalore Length of the runway: ft

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