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Photos With Tripod

Here are a few photos that I took on 18/12/12: Equipment Used: Sony Cybershot Camera Vanguard Tripod About The Camera: Optical Zoom 10X Mega Pixels: 16.1 This is the 100th blog post that is published on!!

Loading Film Into The Argus Camera

As you would have read from my previous blog post , my grandfather gave me 2 old cameras. Recently my father and I went to G.K Vale and bought film for the Argus camera. We inserted the film into the camera. My father told me that when the film is exposed to light, the part of it that gets exposed will get damaged. The film contains 36 photos, but we could take only 30-32 photos. I took many different photos with this camera. G.K Vale told us that we can send this film for developing. Once the film is developed, I will scan a few photos and then upload them on the blog. I will soon also upload a video that shows us how to take photos with this camera.