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iOS 7 Update for Apple Devices

There is an OS update for iPads, iPhones and iPods (only for some generations). In this update there are many changes. The button on the right side of your iPads and iPhones now can be used to either, lock screen rotation, mute, pause or play your music. Lock Screen: In the older version to unlock the phones/tablet we had to swipe at the bottom part at the screen. Now we can swipe anywhere on the screen. As you can see in the picture, I have circled something at the bottom. If we swipe upwards we get many shortcuts. We can pause, play, change music tracks, increase/decrease volume, put the tablet/phone into airplane mode, Turn On/Off Wifi/Bluetooth/Do Not Disturb Option and mute our device.We can also view the current time in different time zones. The keypad that we see when we unlock the phone is also different.Changing the brightness is also an option.Here is a picture of this shortcut panel and the unlock iPad keypad. Control center Different Keypad in lock screen

Sneak Peak!! iOS 7 Update

There is a software update for iPads, iPhones and iPods (only for some generations). IN the update there are many new changes........ TO read this full post wait for it to come out. Subscribe to this blog for FREE by just typing in your email address into the box that says 'Follow By email'. You will then receive an email when I publish a post.

Lime Soda. Sanjith Rao- Fresh, Fast And Simple (Like Donna Hay- Fresh, Fast And Simple)

Fresh Lime Soda ( make 200 ml) Ingredients: Soda  a pinch of salt Sugar- 1.5 tsp Lemon juice- half a lime Steps: In a mixing bowl add all the ingredients. Mix the sugar till it dissolves. Your juice is then ready! Make sure you use well chilled soda. If you add ice into the juice, the taste and sweetness will reduce. So DO NOT use ice while serving. Serve fresh.  Pictures will be added soon.

Sliced Brinjal With Zatar

This is a recipe with Brinjal as the main ingredient. Ingredients: Big, purple aubergine (bhartha baingan) Zatar   Salt Pepper Oil (Preferably Olive Oil). Steps: Slice the brinjal into 2-3 mm circles. Shallow fry in a pan.  While shallow frying it add zatar, slat and pepper. When the brinjal turns a brownish- yellow colour turn it over. Get the same colour on both sides. Cooking this dish is very time consuming. So plan ahead. Serve HOT. Coming soon- Lime Soda


In the past few months I have started to enjoy cooking. With one of my favourite ingredients, Paneer I created my own dish. Here is the recipe: Ingredients: Paneer  Coriander Leaves Salt Pepper Oil (Preferably Olive Oil) How To Make It: Cut the paneer into small pieces to get small cubes. On a frying pan shallow fry the paneer to get a light brown colour. Put it into a bowl and add salt and pepper to taste. You can add the coriander leaves as dressing or for a light flovour of herbs. Serve it HOT. Variations: You can also add some lemon juice for tanginess. Coming soon- a tasty recipe that uses brinjal!