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Rainy Day Photos

Here are a few photos I took on a rainy day.

Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Bang Theory is a show where there are 4 nerds who are very good friends. There are many other characters also. The 4 main characters ( 4 nerds) are Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard. Out these only Howard is an engineer, everyone else is a physicist. It is a very funny show. Sheldon is the funniest in this show. This is because he ridicules everyone and thinks he is the best. He does not have a sense humour. He laughs funnily. Howard's mother is not shown on the show but you can hear her shout in the background. She is also very funny. Raj is an Indian. He talks mostly about India. He once referred to himself as "cuddly Asian boy". That was very funny. Leonard shares an apartment room with Sheldon. He has to follow all the rules that Sheldon has set. One funny rule is that he has to know if Leonard is inviting a lady to come home 12 hours before her arrival. It is a very funny show. If you have a sense of humour you must see it. It comes on Z Cafe from 7:00 pm t

The Next Step - Barcode Scanner

As you know from my last blog post , I type all my book information on a software called IMS . The next step is to bar code all the books. I have been very fascinated by the barcode readers in the shops and supermarkets and I want one for my books. My father has been looking in many shops but he has not found it anywhere.  If any of you have any idea where we can buy it please leave a comment below.

Hardy Boys- Tower Treasure Book Review

This is a book review on "Hardy Boys Tower Treasure". Important characters in the book: Fenton Hardy                                    Frank Hardy Joe Hardy Mrs. Hardy Henry Robinson Perry Robinson  Hurd Applegate Adelia Applegate Jackley Chet Morton Iola Morton Callie Morton About The Book The Hardy brothers ( Joe and Frank) are helping their father solve  a case. Mr. and Mrs. Applegate's house has been stolen. Mr. and Mrs. Applegate suspect Mr. Robinson as the culprit. Mr. Robinson's son Perry  Robinson was a very close friend to the Hardy's. The Hardys' knew that Mr.  Robinson had not robbed the house. Mr. and Mrs. Applegate suspected Mr. Robinson because he was a very poor man and he had deposited $ 900 the day after the robbery. He would not tell how he had not got the money because he had promised not to tell anyone. The Hardy Brother's first suspect was a man with a wig. He had stolen a car from the Hardys' friend, Chet Mo

IMS (Inventory Management System)

About a year ago my father wrote a software for me where I could type and keep track of what books I have. What I I did first was, I gave every book that I had a code. Then I write the code number of the book on the book. After doing that I open the software and type the book name, author, publisher, what condition the book is in (good,bad,average) and if it is with me or with my friends. I did that for all my books and then set them according to their codes in my bookshelf. Whenever I need to search for a book I just need to type the code number, author of the book, publisher of the book or the name of the book. A few months ago my father uploaded this data on a server. Now if I make a new entry on my desktop I can upload it to the server, then download on to another computer and get the latest copy of the data. After entering the information of all these books I realised that I have over 200 books. We run this software on AutoCAD. We can also run it on Bricscad. I will soon try to u

Plant Photos

On the 20 of May 2012 early in the morning I went cycling around my apartment. I noticed that there were many new flowers that were growing in my apartment complex. I immediately went home and got my camera and started clicking photographs. Here are the photographs. Two White Flowers A flower that has fallen on the ground A small whiteflower The flower fallen on the ground. Flowers fallen on another plant A big red flower A sad looking flower A blue flower with a white outline A colourful flower More colourful flowers A closer view THE END