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Wizard101 Update

As you all know I have written another post on Wizard101 . This post is an update on Wizard101. Update no. 1-  Right now I am in level 13. In level 12 I learnt gardening. Your plants give you different gifts. Eg. Treasure cards, reagents, gold and many more things. Update no. 2- I have 2 new missions. I can do only half of the 2 missions because the other half requires crowns. After I cross 2 more levels I can buy a castle.

Word Searches

Do you like word searches? If you do, you can download free word searches that I have made. Visit Leave your comments/ suggestions on this blog. I have made only one right now. Later you can download more.

Nandi Hills 25th September 2011

On 25th September my cousin's family and my family went to Nandi Hills for trekking. I did not expect it to be so easy to climb. There were steps that you could climb on. We started climbing at 8.00a.m. On the way every 15 to 20 minutes we took a break. There were tall trees almost all the way till the top so we got good shade while climbing. We took 1 hour and 40 minutes to climb up. We ate sandwiches, biscuits and chips along the way and at the top of the hill. There were monkeys on the top so we had to be careful while eating. We had got some rope, my uncle and father held both the ends of the rope and were acting like they were lashing the monkeys to scare them away.   After we finished we met another family at the top, who were also supposed to climb with us but were a bit late to start. We stopped and talked with them for a while in a restaraunt then all of us climbed down together. While we were on the way back, we found a tree where we threw our rope over a branch and mad

How I Spent My Dasara Vacation (Sneak Preview)

Day 1 (24th September) I woke up at 8.00a.m. I quickly got ready and then had breakfast at 9.00a.m. I quickly had a bath and then played on the computer for 15 minutes. Then at 10.30a.m I went to play cricket. I came back home at 1.00 p.m. and had lunch.After finishing lunch I made a few word-searches on the computer. TO BE CONTINUED