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SRS Club

About the club: In my apartment we run a club. In the club we play many games. The aim of the club is to make new friends. We started this club on 26-February-2009. This is the second year of the club. We play games like running 'n' catching, cycling etc. We named our club "SRS Club" because the captains names are Sanjna, Radhika and Sanjith. Holiday: We have holidays on Saturdays, Sundays and every government holiday. Website: We have a website for everybody to read about our club. To look at our website click here .

Our car Album

When I was small I used to cut out pictures of cars and stick in a scrap book. So now my sister and I made a scrap book with the car's name in it. Sometimes by looking by the car's logo I get to know the car's name.  For example, Cars like Honda City and Swift Dzire look the same. So if I look at the logo, I get to know the car's name. Here you can see the first 2 pages of our scrap book. First page:   Second page:  

My Golf Tournament KGA Open 2010

Before you read this blog you can also read my other two golf blogs. To read about the tournament click here . To read my blog "About Golf" click here . ("About Golf" is a very old post; you may have read it). May 3 was the practice day and rules clinic. May 4 and 5 was the tournament. I played in the golf club "KGA." The full form of "KGA" is "Karnataka Golf Association". My group took our first shot at 9:20a.m. In golf when we take our first shot we call it "teeing off." So from now I will be using this word. On the second day (May 5) I teed off at 8:50a.m. I finished my game at 10:45a.m. For more details click here .