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Why shows like Shark Tank are extremely misleading

Shark Tank is an American reality TV show in which " Aspiring entrepreneurs from around the world pitch their business models to a panel of investors and persuade them to invest money in their idea." . It was started in 2009 and is currently in its ninth season. The show revolves around entrepreneurs who pitch their idea to a group of 4-6 investors and hope to secure an investment from at least one of them. While the idea behind this show is not only to provide a platform for entrepreneurs to win an investment but also improve and inspire young minds who watch this show, the show is extremely misleading. In each episode, about five startups pitch their ideas to the panel. Each entrepreneur begins by introducing themself, their venture and their ask (eg. $100,000 for 10% stake). This is followed by the panel of 'sharks' questioning them about their product/idea/revenue/future plans and likewise. After this, potential investors either agree to invest or

Time Lapse Video shot at Sunrise

Recently, I got a GoPro Hero 5, an action camera. The camera is wonderful for shooting videos in a variety of scenarios; cycling, motorbiking, diving, driving and likewise. I have always been amazed by time lapse videos and was more than excited when I found out that the Hero 5 could take time lapse videos. I have been trying my hand at these videos for the past few days and here is one that I have posted on my YouTube channel. Observe the building on the left side of the video. You can observe a reflection of the sun rising from the 13th second onwards. Please like and subscribe to both my blog as well as channel!

Mozilla Firefox Tutorial - How to prevent getting redirected to new tab when clicking on a link in Mozilla Firefox

In the following video, I will instruct you in a step by step process to prevent yourself from getting redirected to a new tab when clicking on a link in Mozilla Firefox. If you want to be redirected, you can always do the opposite of what is propagated in this video.

1441 Pizzeria, Mumbai

1441 is a pizzeria with multiple outlets across Mumbai , India. I have been to the 1441 outlet in Oshiwara in the Northern Part of Mumbai on a couple of occasions. The food served here is wonderful. They offer freshly made wood fire oven pizzas. One can either order pizzas from their menu or select their own ingredients from a huge pool and personalise their pizzas. 1441 has approximately 50 ingredients that can be chosen from. They are also relatively famous for their Nutella Pizza, which I, one who does not like a pastry pizza, enjoyed. Besides pizzas they also have a couple of starters. I would highly recommend having the dough balls that are lip smacking delicious. Ratings: Taste - 5/5 Presentation - 4/5 Value for Money - 4/5 Overall: 4.3/5 Would I recommend this place? Absolutely!                                                

Update On Movie Ticket Price Cap

Source: TOI The following article is in continuation with my previous article . Towards the end of the article , I questioned the Karnataka Government's true intentions and termed the budgetary decision as "a pure publicity stunt". As stated in the article , the decision was not valid on gold class screens and would not be practical on weekdays, i.e, it would be practical only on weekends. Further, the Karnataka High Court has passed an order which nullifies the price cap on weekends and holidays thus making this decision purely redundant. (1) The order passed validates my thoughts.

All Electric Nation By 2030?

Source: Wikipedia Member of Parliament, Piyush Goyal said recently that India aims to have only electric cars on the road by 2030. While this sounds great, here are my thoughts. As of 2016, India had only 6,000 registered Electric Vehicles on road. This is just a fraction of what China, the leader in this segment has. Piyush Goyal Source: Google Images There are two main reasons why an average Indian does not buy an electric car: The price they pay is too high for the features. Lack of charging points. Take the example of the Mahindra e2O . It costs about INR 8 lakh (USD 12,500) (ex-showroom). About one third of the price is for the lithium ion battery. This is expensive and further users have to pay for charging point(s) and replace the battery in 5 years. This translates to an operating cost of INR 12 lakhs (USD 18,500) in five years excluding consumables. This car is average in terms of comfort, speed, power etc. The range is only about a 100 km on a

The Actual Effectiveness of the Cap on Movie Ticket Pricing in Karnataka

Source: Google The Karnataka Government, announced in its budget in March 2017 that it would be capping the price of movie tickets at Rs. 200+Taxes+Internet Handling Fees (if any). This decision taken by the Government was lauded by many. While this decision was originally lauded as a good one, here is what one must consider before commending it further. The Rs. 200 cap excludes all Gold Screen/Seat Tickets. All Kannada films is priced at a maximum of approximately Rs. 233 (all inclusive*), but tickets for non - kannada films are at a maximum of Rs. 300 (all inclusive). {1} While the Budget announcement by Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah sounds ideal, by reading the above facts we can gather that the actual price of tickets for Non-Kannada movies will not be much lesser than what it was prior to the 2017 Budget. This brings me to my next question. Should this budgeta ry decision be lauded as much as it is being done today? Siddaramaiah Source: Google Considering that m

Hyperperloop One - Next Gen Transportation!

Source: Google Elon Musk backed Hyperloop One is today the most widely spoken next generation transportation system. Hyperloop was started in 2014 with the idea to provide people with fast, reliable and cheap transportation. It was started in a garage and today, according to its website has over 200 employees in Los Angeles, Nevada.  " to move itself through almost a vacuum like tube" Source: Google The Hyperloop uses an electric motor to move itself through an almost vacuum like tube (refer picture) at fast speeds without any sort of disturbance.  A concept video released a few months ago shows how it would be easy to book a seat (or multiple seats) in a Hyperloop and travel between two big metros in very little time. The concept video was based on a proposed Hyperloop line between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. A car ride between these two cities takes, on an average at least two hours. The Hyperloop claims to cover the same distance in thirty minutes without ca