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Paintiing The Auto-Rickshaw

I decided to paint the auto rickshaw that I made in Hundred Hands. If you have not read the post about Hundred Hands click here to read it. I changed the look of the Auto and called it the "Racing Auto 3000". I put new wheels for the racing auto rickshaw. I have shown the picture of the new wheels. Here are some photos. The New Racing Wheels Old Auto Getting ready to start Removing All The Parts Half the auto painted The racing auto  The description

The Science Ehibition

From the tenth of February to the twelfth of February there was a science exhibition at Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium. I had gone there and represented my school. Two other children also came from my class. We showed the visitors how to do multiplication with sticks. It was a nice experience but it was a bit boring since we had to do it for 3 days. Bangalore Association For Science Education (BASE) conducted it. If you want to see what we did, click here . Here are a few pictures:

Auto Rickshaw (Hundred Hands)

If you have not read the post that I published about Hundred Hands read it. Click  here  to read it. In this post I have posted some photos of the auto rickshaw that I made:


I like the comic book. It is about how the character "Tintin" who is a famous journalist who also solves mysteries. He has a dog named Snowy. The author of this series is Herge. I have read about 6 books till now. I have to still read a few more. Information About The Book The author of the Adventure Of Tintin is Georges Rims who writes under the pen name of Herge. This comic series is one of the most popular European comics and it has been translated into 50 different languages. The series first appeared in French in Le Petit Vingtième , a children's supplement to the Belgian newspaper Le XXe Siècle on 10 January 1929. The adventure of Tintin has been adapted by radio, television and film. Main Characters Of The Book  Tintin Snowy Captain Haddock Professor Calculus Thompson and Thomson Artists   Herge Bob De Moor Edgar P Jacobs

Potato Plant

Do you remember the blogs I wrote about Potato Plants? If you have not read it click here to read it. On 30/1/12 (Monday) we plucked out the potatoes. We got about 15 to 20 potatoes. The plant died. I do not know how it died. Since it died it has not grown fully, so I do not think we can eat it. Here are a few pictures on the potatoes we collected:

The Doll Who Played Football

This is a poem I wrote: The Doll Who Who Played Football Once there lived a man who loved football he played foot ball at the mall His best friend was a doll named Goll, Goll played football with a doll football! She played doll football with a her doll friend, Paul, at the mall Paul loved football so they played ball at the mall! Later Paul and Goll got married at the mall, Where there was cheer for Paul and Goll They later got a baby, Paul The Second Paul The second loved playing volley ball, in the second floor of the mall, with Paul and Goll! By, Sanjith Rao