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ICC Cricket World Cup

I want India to win the ICC World cup this time. I have been following a little bit of every match that India has played. So far India has won/tied every match. I hope India wins toady's match- India Vs South Africa. Here is the theme song of the ICC Cricket World Cup Opening Ceremony:


I love doing things on the computer. I love playing games, surfing the net etc. I also like programming. So I learnt the basics of programming.  I wanted to learn the basics of programming so that, when I grow up I will be able to write my own programs. I think in another 2 or 3 years I will know everything about programming and I will be able to write my own programs.

Train Simulator

Train Simulator is a computer game where you can drive real trains. There are many missions in Train Simulator in which you take passengers from one place to another. All the missions in train simulator are easy to understand and you can pass all the missions without any difficulty. One mission called "summer holidays"takes two hours to complete. If you cannot play for two hours you can save the mission and play it the next day. To read another blog on a simulator click here .

Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator is a computer game which I like a lot. In Flight Simulator you have to pilot a real aeroplane using a joystick or the keyboard. Trying to control an aeroplane on Flight Simulator, using your keyboard is very difficult. I control my aeroplanes using a joystick. On Flight Simulator you start with open propeller aeroplanes and then move onto Jet Planes.I like Flight Simulator because I love piloting aeroplanes.