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My Peculiar Dream

I had a dream last night. In my dream we had gone to Mangalore. In Mangalore, my mother, grandmother and I went out somewhere (I do not know where!!). Then my sister suddenly came on a cycle out of nowhere! Since the road was bumpy my mother told her to go back home by cycle. She went home. Then my grandmother started to drive the car without a licence! Then my mother said if the police asks us for the license my mother would give her licence! (I know that you cannot do that in real life). Then we reached home. Afterwards we were chatting and I said, "Look! our car registration numbers have changed!" All our car registration numbers had changed from Karnataka to Andhra Pradesh. Then on a small cycle came my cousin calling me by my pet name. But actually that was my mother waking me up!!

Sneak Preview

THE KING AND THE ROBBERS Once upon a time there was a kingdom in the middle of India. The king in that kingdom was very intelligent. Two or three times robbers cracked in at night. But he caught them in two or three days! But there was gang of sixty robbers who knew everything about the palace. The leader of these robbers knew it because he had worked as a soldier.After he knew where everything was in the palace he quit being a soldier. (Story to be continued....)